Why should Kettlebell Training be your next step to stay in good shape?

Are planning to get fitter by the end of this year? Do you want a tighter core and a leaner physique? Are you looking for ways and means to change your passive lifestyle?

It seems like it is the right time to try out Kettlebell Training…..

So, what are Kettlebells?

A kettlebell is a weight that has a single handle and is shaped like a cannon-ball. It has been used as underground fitness equipment in Russia for over hundreds of years and has quickly taken over the world for many years.

You can find them in most of the training places and gyms.

Kettlebell training actually has some of the most effective exercises to tighten the core, build lean muscles and lose weight.

Are you looking for Kettlebell Training in Townsville? Then you can find a number of gyms where the offer the Herculean training sessions. If you are a tied-up person then you can also hire a personal trainer in Townsville.

There are so many reasons to opt for Kettlebell training if you want to stay active. We have jotted down some of our favorites here.

  • It is one of the best ideas for Cardio

Are you a fan of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and its benefits, then kettlebell training is surely your thing!

Kettlebell training is all about a short but intense workout that needs a lot of energy which is followed by quick periods of rest.

It will elevate your heartbeat, which will increase your oxygen intake that will help in burning more calories. So, if you are looking for a training that increases your cardiovascular rate, it is surely the right thing.

  • It helps in building muscles

Not just cardio but kettlebell is also beneficial in building muscles as it provides you with a full body workout. It ultimately aids in strengthening and conditioning of the whole body. Traditional weight training focuses on a particular set of muscles, on the other hand, kettlebell target some of the major muscle groups especially the core.

Ultimately you build a leaner, toned and stronger body.

  • It is easy to perform

Kettlebell exercise is designed in a way that you can smoothly transition from one exercise to another. The swift transitions and movements basically make it more easy and natural for your body to follow these steps.

Thereby, you feel less tension on the knees and joints, unlike weight training.


  • Improves lower back pain

Mostly lower back pain is due to weak glutes. The glutes are the largest muscle group in the human body and are responsible for almost every movement.  If your glutes are weak and don’t function properly most of the work is done by the lower back muscles. Basically, lower back muscles are not designed to do much work like the glutes, ultimately stressing the lower back muscles, causing severe pain.

Kettlebell training aims at strengthening your hip muscles and strengthening the glute muscles, ultimately benefiting your lower back. It also helps in improving your posture as well as spinal stability.

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