StrongFirst SFG 2 12 Weeks Out ( Week 3)

Last Week I had an fantastic opportunity to head to Brisbane from Townsville to attend some extra Training. Queensland Kettlebells was hosting a StrongFirst Kettlebell Course.
I jumped on a plane around lunch time and arrived in Brisbane around 4.30pm, I had just enough time to get to my hotel in the city and out to Queensland Kettlebells Gym as I was having a 1 on 1 Session with StrongFirst Master Trainer Shaun Cairns from South Africa who was also the lead instructor for the course the following day.

I must say the StrongFirst Kettlebell course was fantastic and was great to take everything back to basics again, I strongly feel every coach and or trainer should so this from time to time.

So I will get to this weeks training program.

Monday Press Day.
( Reps 4/4 = 4 Left Side followed by 4 on the Right Side)

Warm Up
3-5 Minutes of Original Strength movements

16kg x 4/4
20kg x 4/4
24kg x 3/3
28kg x 2/2,1/2,2/2
24kg x 4/4, 5/5
20kg x 4/4
16kg x 3/3

Original Strength Movement

Tuesday 4th September.

Today was planned to be heavy kettlebell snatch day, however my Morpheus Recovery APP numbers where not exactly great and I was not feel great, possible the big day Saturday at the course, caught up with me, So I decided to spend 30 minutes working on body weight movement and some other skills such as kettlebell Arm Bar & Bent Arm Bar in Preparation for the course and working on my mobility through my T-spine area.

REST DAY ( Again my Morpheus Recovery score was low) 

Thursday 6th September

Press Day

Warm Up

3-5 minutes Original Strength Movement

16kg x 6/6

20kg 4/4

24kg 3/3

28kg x 2/2, 3/3, 2/2

24kg x 4/4, 5/5, 4/4, 5/5, 5/5

20kg x 4/4, 4/4

Afternoon Mobility work


Coming soon!

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