Move & Lift – New Class Announcement

Strength Training & Conditioning Group Class

Move & Lift is a little different to a standard Functional Fitness Class.

Our Move & Lift Functional Fitness Class is all about you!

You receive the individualised attention, motivation and accountability missing in large group classes.
Your session is capped at 10 clients to guarantee a high quality experience.

Move and Lift is Functional Training, High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT) and a Cross Training Style Class.
Move and Lift class is dedicated to improving your ability to move load efficiently, function and develop useful strength, body awareness, midline strength and fitness through the use of real-world body movements.

Join a growing community of Everyday Athletes who are supported with qualified coaches who focus on the little things.

Entry is via Move & Lift 101 sessions which are the foundation of our program, Move & Lift Entry is via our  6 weeks week Program, every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 6.30am.

Once you have demonstrated competency with skills, strength and movement practices you are eligible to move to our Move & Lift Class.

Each session progresses on from the last.

NB. If these dates and times don’t suit, we are able to offer one on one Coaching sessions.
Perfect for FIFO and shift workers.

The Move & Lift program is designed and suitable for all fitness levels.

Skills & Topics covered over the inital 6 weeks are:

*Body weight Movements.
Squats, push ups, & breathing techniques


*Understand you aerobic base and why it’s important build a solid base and when it’s time to go High Intensity

*Why it’s important to keep track of your training program and how best to recover.

* Cardio (running, bike, rowing, skipping).

*Strength Training movements (using barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells).

* Basic Olympic weightlifting

* introduction to Gymnastics using body weight

Plus much more.

How do I go about joining?

Schedule your complimentary New Member Consultation which will give you the opportunity to meet a member of our team, see our facility and allow us to get to know you! We promise you won’t sweat during our chat and we look forward to getting to know more about your personal.

Email to schedule a complimentary New Member Consultation today.

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