Kettlebell Athletic Open’s in Townsville

Gyms in townsville

Kettlebell Athletic Training Gym Open’s in Townsville.

(An exercise program like no other, Primal Movement & Heavy Kettlebell’s are what the public are loving).

Kettlebell Athletic is excited to launch a Townsville first on the weekend of July 14th at their new Training centre in Garbutt in Townsville.

A program aimed at getting people active with a primal movement twist.

“We learn to breathe correctly, we crawl, we rock, we roll around on the ground and we swing Kettlebells Russian style which make us stronger for life.”

The training philosophy is simple. We train the body the way it’s designed to move – as a fluid whole unit. Humans are built to adapt. Our training system addresses your movement patterns and encourages a return to what is natural, just like we did when we were kids.

What is Primal Movement?

These movement patterns were given to us at birth. Think natural athleticism, the human ability to jump; hop, push, pull, plank and crawl are all crucial components to an healthy lifestyle.

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Daniel Rose
Company Director
PH: 0448877520

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