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We Don't Just Change Bodies. We Change Lives.

Welcome to the Best hour of your day, a place unwind, work hard and have fun.
A place to live in the moment, one rep at a time. Here at Kettlebell Athletic you are in control,
discover your true strength and pursue your goals.

Kettle bell Athletic – The Best Gym In Townsville, QLD

Kettlebell Athletic is one of the best gyms in Townsville acknowledged for its unparalleled success in providing the clients with quality knowledge about strength training as well as strength and conditioning. This helps our members to achieve their fitness goals and find their individual potential.

Re-energize and revitalize yourself with a wide variety of exercise that involve kettlebell training in Queensland. All of our programs are strategically designed in an easy, transparent and effective way to deliver visible results for you.

Kettlebell training will help you in weight loss, strength and conditioning. We understand that everybody is different and everybody has different fitness goals. Keeping this in mind our personal trainers and Kettlebell Coaches here in Townsville will train you according to your goals, age, flexibility and fitness levels.

Kettlebell Athletic is not just a gym, it is a place where you make lifestyle changes and choices. We will surely help and support you through the entire process with expertise and the right advice to help you achieve your body goals. We believe in StrongFirst which is our chosen company we have aligned with and we believe in Stronger For Life which is our motto for all our strength training and weight loss programs in at our training Studio in Townsville.

We want to help you! And our programs are designed to achieve your body composition and Fitness goals within the desired time. Our fitness team works together to figure out the correct ways in which you can maintain optimal fitness levels, body shape, and lifestyle you desire.

Kettlebell training is indeed a delightful and interesting way to stay fit and healthy. For us, fitness is not just about weight gain or weight loss. We believe in overall holistic wellness, wellness and strength practices to increase the quality of life.

You can choose from a variety of classes and we can really assist if it were weight losses program your looking for in Townsville.

 Strength training with a StrongFirst approach is second to none and we can over a range of options depending upon your fitness levels and goals. All our programs are specifically designed to improve your endurance, strength, and flexibility through Kettlebell training and Movement practices.

We look forward to working with you.

Our Story

“ Follow the path that most excites you” So I did!

Created after years of self discovery and plenty of “been there done that” in regular gyms and functional training centres. In a culture saturated with the “ Next Big Fitness Trend” Consider Kettlebell Athletic a little out of the box. No fads, No gimmicks, we simply execute what works.

The Training philosophy is pretty simple. We train the body the way it’s designed to move.

Our 5 Core Principles

Here at Kettlebell Athletic we have five core pillars in our training program they are:

1: Pressing Reset:
Starts with breathing – correct breathing and using your Diaphragm – this is the foundation of our program. Studies have shown that performance can be improved by suitable respiratory training.

2: Primal Movement:
These movement patterns were given to us at birth. Think natural athleticism, the human ability to jump; hop, push, pull, plank and crawl are all crucial components to an athletic lifestyle. Mobility driven, this category reintroduces natural movements to the body and brings aspects of the playground back into training. Often underestimated or viewed as basic, these challenging and at times animalistic traits translate perfectly into everyday life and everyday fitness.

3: Power Output:
The primary objective of this category is to move weighted objects with speed and power. In this dynamic grouping you can expect to be use Kettlebells, Slam Balls, Steel Mace, plus more.

4: Strength and Stability:
In this category we cycle through movements that establish strength through motion. This often includes carrying heavy loads over long distances, so expect to be challenged. Durable, strong and stable.

5: Cardiovascular Output:
Short bursts of intense activity are combined with sustained efforts at a deliberate pace. This combination addresses a wide variety of the complex cardiovascular system. We typically use, Running, Concept2 Rowers and Airbikes.

About Kettlebell

My Personal Mission:

Group Fitness Townsville

To touch the lives in a positive way of 1 million people, to assist them in creating a healthier and happier lifestyle for themselves and their families.

About Daniel Rose


There are three things I love!

Dogs, Fitness and Coffee!

My Interest in fitness began when I was in High School, I was very big kid and athletic. I enjoyed all sports including Athletics ( Long Jump & Triple Jump) and Soccer, however I had a major calling to play Rugby League, which lead to my traveling and living in Sydney and playing my junior league for the South Sydney SG Ball and other Representative teams-  until injury struck.

Over 10 years later, I continued to suffer from pain and issues from the injuries I sustained in my late teens and my mid-twenties, primarily my shoulders. I lost count how many times they dislocated.

Then enter Kettlebell and Primal Movement – The Best I have moved, and can function day to day, in my entire life.

Combine my passion for fitness and the business knowledge I had acquired; and what you get is Kettlebell Athletic.  We started off with less than 5 athletes in a park.

Daniel Rose-Personal Trainer Townsville