12 Weeks Out SFG2 (StrongFirst) Week 1

Yesterday I wrote about what the criteria is for both the StrongFirst SFG1 & SFG2 as mentioned I have completed and passed all the selection criteria for SFG1. Now my goal is to move onto SFG2 in November 2018 in Brisbane.

Now its no easy task to Military Press half your body weight with a single arm. This has been my primary focus over the last 2-3 months. My shoulder strength has always been an issue for me, dating back when I first dislocated a shoulder playing rugby league when I was 15 years old.
After visiting a number of surgeons over the years due to my instability of both my left and right shoulders they all recommended the same thing, ( I bet you can guess what they wanted to do? Yep operate). NO thank you.

I discovered Kettlebell training to help with solve my issues. So going back when I heard that I required to Press half my body weight, I did freak out! based on my current weight that would be 44kg Single Arm Kettlebell Press.

So as I write this blog on the 22nd August 2018, my current body weight sits at 89kg’s and I am feel very comfortable pressing the 32kg.

My Goal within 12 weeks. Under 83kg Body Weight with a Single Arm Kettlebell Press of 40kg.
As well as meeting the other SFG1 & SFG2 Criteria.

Outlined below and each week I will outline my training program, so you get gauge how my progression is going and feel free to ask me any questions. I am following a StrongFirst Plan Strong Program which has been designed for me, I have also engaged a personal Coach to assist me with accountability and programming, I strongly believe in engaging someone to help that has achieved what you want to achieve. Kirk mentioned it this morning in our training session, its called Modeling.

Monday 20th August:
Body Weight: 89.2kg

Monday Press Day.

3-5 Minutes spent on Original Strength Resets including Breathing, Head Nods, Rolling and Rocking.

Military 20th August Kettlebell Press:
16kg 4/4 = 4 Reps both Left & Right
20kg 4/4
20kg 4/4
24kg 3/3

Turkish Get Ups
16kg 2/2
Double Kettlebell Squat 16kg x 5 Reps x 3 Rounds

Tuesday 21st August:

Warm Up:
3-5 Minutes spent on Original Strength Resets including Breathing, Head Nods, Rolling and Rocking.
10 x Half Hindu Push Ups
Steel Mace 4kg
10/10 x 360 swings
10/10 Mace Deadlifts
10 Mace squats.

Kettlebell Snatches
15/45 = 15 Seconds of work then 45 seconds rest. x 20 rounds. Each minutes what sides. e.g first minute left 15 seconds, rest 45 seconds, second minute Right 15 seconds, rest 45 seconds, back to the left etc for 20 minutes.

28kg for the first 10 minutes
24kg for the second 10 minutes
= 20 minutes of work.

Wednesday 22nd August


Thursday 23rd August AM Session

3-5 minute warm up including original strength, rocking-rolling and crawling.

Military Press
16kg x 4/4
20kg x 4/4
24kg x 4/4
28kg x 1/1
28kg x 2/2
28kg x 1/1
28kg x 2/2
24kg x 6/6
20kg x 7/7

Thursday 23rd August PM session.

One of my goals is to build my Maximum Aerobic Function. I will be building a solid foundation based on the MAF method.

The MAF Method is a philosophy I developed over the course of 40 years of scientific research and clinical practice to help individuals of all ages, athletic abilities, physical issues, and personal goals reach their human performance potential.
MAF stands for “Maximum Aerobic Function,” referring to the aerobic system, the fat-burning engine responsible for fueling all of the body’s needs.

I will use The 180 Formula
To find your maximum aerobic training heart rate, there are two important steps.
Subtract your age from 180.

Daniel Rose
180- 35 years old = 145 Heart rate.

Please see image below from my PM session. ( NOTE: Breathing was a big factor in this session, my focus was on Belly Breathing, using my diaphragmatic breathing technique).

Warm down was Original Strength Resets 3-4 minutes.

Friday 24th August.

Today my training plans went out the window a little and I spent my morning training with the group.
Warm Up
Various movement 3-5 minutes.
Skill & Strength
Pull Bar/ Hollow Rock Static Holds x 6
Single Arm Kettlebell Swings

100 Kettlebell Snatches
2 minutes Rest
5/5 Turkish Get Ups.

Saturday 25th August

Kettlebell Presses
16kg x 4/4
20kg x 4/4
24kg x 2/2
28kg x 1/1
28kg x 3/3
24kg x 3/3 5/5 5/5
20kg x 7/7
16kg x 4/4

Well that is a wrap of my training, hopefully you enjoyed a little insight to what is happening leading up to the SFG 2.

Please if you have any questions, send them via Facebook, Instagram or email.

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