12 Weeks Out SFG2 (StrongFirst) Day 1

I wanted to take some time over the next 12 weeks to document my training progress and program towards the SFG2.

StrongFirst the School of Strength, StrongFirst is a global provider of strength education. The Instructors specialize in safe and effective kettlebell, barbell, and bodyweight training. This is the organisation I have chosen to align myself with.

These blog posts are not about telling/sowing the world my ego or ” How good I am” its a honest account of my training and nutrition program to hopefully educate and inspire you.

Before anyone can attempt SGF2 they must complete the 3 day SFG1 course in which I attended in November of 2017 below I will outline the criteria that was required to pass.

SFG Certifications are taught by the most qualified kettlebell instructors on the planet, each hand-selected by Pavel or our Chief SFG Brett Jones. Each candidate must meet a high standard in strength, movement skill, and coaching.

The following six foundational skills are taught and tested at the SFG Level I Certification:


SFG1 is a highly-demanding Certification, mentally and physically. 25-30% failure rate is typical.

Because our SFG Instructors meet the highest standard in the industry, you should expect to be challenged and tested. Do not take your preparation lightly.

Your skills will be tested on these basic movements. I was required based on my Bodyweight to use a 24kg or 2 x 24kg for the Doubles.

Swing (10 repetitions each side)
Double Clean (5 repetitions)
Press (5 repetitions each side)
Double Front Squat (5 repetitions)
Snatch (5 repetitions each side)
Get up (1 repetition each side)

Snatch Test

Candidates will complete a number of kettlebell snatches in the time allotted 5 minutes with a 24kg Kettlebell based on my weight.

My Training for the SFG1 too approx. 4 months in total preparation and it was one of the hardest 3 days I have ever undertaken.

So let’s take a look at SFG2

The following additional skills will be taught and tested at the SFG II Certification( Plus retest the SFG1 skills):
Double Push Press ( 2 x24kg)
Double Jerk ( 2x 24kg)
Double Snatch (2 x16kg)
Windmill (24kg)


You will be tested on your military press strength. Men are required to press the kettlebell closest to 1/2 their bodyweight. Women are required to press the kettlebell closest to 1/3 their bodyweight.

So now we know the criteria and what’s involved, tomorrow we will look at where I am at and what is required to complete all required skills.

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